Lewis Property Inspections, LLC ​​


Provide the clients with a comprehensive, detailed inspection report, complete with photos, which is emailed directly to the client as a website. Areas that I provide services in Dublin, Marysville, Columbus and surrounding areas

 *   Standard Home inspection Package starts at- $300 (up to 3000 sq. ft.)

  • Exterior / Interior Structure                                   
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Foundation - crawl space/ basement
  • Attic / roof

*   Re-Inspection - is 200.00 

* Plumbing Inspection - starts 200.00 ( comes with a full report )

  •       Waterlines, drain lines, sinks, faucets, and hot water heater

* Electrical Inspection - 200.00 ( comes with a full report )

  • ​ Fuse or breaker box, outlets, switches, and wiring    

*  Roof Inspections - 200.00 ( comes with a full report and will be walked if possible )​

  • Shingles, flashings, penetrations, gutters, chimney, and valleys

* Warranty or partial Inspections - 200.00  (If you have 1 year warranty with your builder )

​* Builder's Inspections - 900.00 ( this essentially is 3 full inspections complete reports ) You are contracting me to monitor the builder

Of course, every home is different, so every inspection should be different. Although prices vary according to property, I am committed to being affordable and budget friendly. I do NOT believe in upcharges for everything that makes your property unique.


* Free estimates and hourly rate is figured at 50.00

Handyman Services

* Minimum price to show up at a job is 100.00 - that is a 50.00 show up fee and 1 hour of work

* Ceiling fans pricing: below 12' is 100.00 and above 12' is 150.00 (only for replacement of existing)

​* Adding a ceiling fan or light with a switch is 200.00

​* Faucet installation is 100.00, but customer will pay for new supply lines (if need)

​*Replacing parts in the toilet or replacing toilet 150.00  (customer pay for parts around 60.00)

​* Sink installation is 200.00 plus cost of new baskets (price for standard sink)

​* Garbage disopsals 100.00, doesn't include new electrical cord

​* Dishwasher installed is 150.00, that if there is existing: electric, water lines, and drain line

* Vent less microwave in stalled is 150.00 or changing overhead hood to microwave is 200.00

​* TV Mounting with NOT concealing the wires or moving electric 150.00

​* TV Mounting with concealing the wires and moving electric 250.00

​*Drywall patching prices vary, but it's based on 3 trip price minimum price 300.00 

​* Interior doors with casing is 200.00 (plus the cost of the material)

​* Trim work prices vary, but 40' linear feet is about 100.00 (plus the cost of the material)

​* Caulking bath tub or shower is 120.00